The Films That Made Us: Mark Cousins

Mark Cousins returns with a new film, The Eyes of Orson Welles, casting a fresh light on one of cinema's most gargantuan figures. Here, as part of our ongoing series The Films That Made Us, Cousins tells us just what Orson Welles means to him.

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Ryan Hewitt
First Reformed: An Interview with Paul Schrader

A filmmaker unafraid to tackle the most challenging of subjects – mortality, the nature of morality and the labyrinth that is our basest desires – First Reformed finds director Paul Schrader exploring life in a society perpetually at war, whilst looking back on themes that dominate his most acclaimed and controversial work. He talks to Ryan Hewitt about this film, faith and existentialism.

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Podcast | Incredibles 2 feat. Nicole Grindle & John Walker + Cinemile podcast Crossover

After a 14 year wait, The Incredibles are finally back on our cinema screens in Pixar’s long awaited sequel and we were lucky enough to chat to the film’s producers Nicole Grindle and John Walker. PLUS in the superhero crossover event of the summer, Dave Corkery - one half of British Podcast Award winning show The Cinemile - joins the Curzon team for this incredible episode.

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