The Unknown Girl - Waffle Lion Promotion

Two-time Palme d'Or winners, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne return to cinemas on December 2nd with The Unknown Girl. What better way to celebrate a new release from our favourite Belgian auteurs than with that quintessentially Belgian treat, the waffle?

We've teamed up with Curzon Artificial Eye and Waffle Lion to bring Belgian waffles to Curzon Soho for one night only, this Friday 2nd December. Available to one and all, they can be found in the bar area at our Soho venue, at a cost of £5 each.


The Unknown Girl is led by a truly captivating performance by Adele Haenel, playing Jenny Davin, a conscientious but overworked young doctor. In recognition of the incredible work carried out in the UK by our own health service professionals, we're proud to offer these tasty treats for free to all NHS workers who come to see the film. Simply present your NHS card along with a ticket for The Unknown Girl, and one of these delicious waffles is all yours, free of charge (T&Cs below).

The Unknown Girl follows the amateur investigations of Jenny Davin, a young doctor turned sleuth. One evening, overworked by an overstretched healthcare system, Jenny chooses not to open her door to an out of hours call from a mystery patient. The following day she learns that an unidentified young woman has been found dead nearby, and cannot help but hold herself accountable owing to the call for help she seemingly ignored. Determined to make moral reparations, Jenny goes looking for answers, her sense of personal responsibility driving her to find out what happened to the deceased woman and to give the unknown girl a name before she is laid to rest.  

Described by some as a "social realist noir," The Unknown Girl is a film of trademark social and moral conscientiousness from the Dardennes Brothers, only this time with a investigative twist. 


  • One free waffle will be provided upon presentation of a ticket for The Unknown Girl and a valid NHS card. 
  • Waffles will only be provided to NHS cardholders themselves. 
  • Only tickets for the 6.15pm and 9pm screenings of The Unknown Girl on Friday 2 December will be accepted. 
  • Offer is limited to one waffle per cardholder.
  • There is no cash alternative. 
  • Waffles can be purchased by all customers at £5 with or without a ticket to The Unknown Girl or NHS staff card. 

With thanks to Curzon Artificial Eye and Waffle Lion

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