Running for Medicinema

In just a week, our very own Head of Programming Claire Beswick will be running the London Marathon to raise money for MediCinema, an amazing charity bringing the cinema experience to children who are long-term hospital patients. We thought we'd let you know a bit more about this great organisation and their work. You can help Claire reach her goal through her fundraising page.

MediCinema is a registered charity dedicated to bringing the power of cinema and film to patients across the UK. Founded in 1999 at St Thomas’s Hospital, we build, install and manage state-of-the-art cinemas, screening the latest releases the film industry has to offer in hospitals and health facilities. We do this so that long-term patients can enjoy the escapism, magic and excitement that a trip to the cinema brings to each and every one of us. 

Our seven MedCinemas are located in health facilities around the UK and provided vital support to over 17,000 patients and families last year in 2015. MediCinema also provide separate nursing care to ensure patients, whatever their condition, have the best and safest experience while in the cinema.

Our purpose built screens show up-to-date film releases, donated by the film industry for free, and are fully digitalised with RealD 3D screens and Dolby Surround Sound. Our screens are built to accommodate patients in wheelchairs, beds, on drips or monitors so everyone can enjoy the joy and escapism of cinema. 

By creating a true cinema experience in this safe, stimulating, relaxing and sociable environment, MediCinema goers can escape the isolation of their wards and illness, and enjoy a few hours of normality and fun with their family and loved ones.

Kate Mason, CEO of MediCinema, said: “Fundraising is at the very heart of our wonderful charity, and it is how we are able to provide our service to so many patients and families every year. It is incredible individuals, like Claire, who enable so many to experience a slice of normality, to escape, or simply spend time with loved ones when they are receiving treatment or simply wanting a change of scenery".