The Curzon Film Podcast Episode 20: Love & Friendship

Featuring an interview with director Whit Stillman

In this episode of the Curzon Film Podcast we don our finest corsets and cummerbunds for Whit Stillman's new Jane Austen adaptation 'Love and Friendship'. Expanded from the short novella 'Lady Susan', Stillman's new film is one of the stand out comedies of the year, whilst remaining faithful to it's Austen roots. Die hard Austen fans, and die hard haters would do well to dislike it. 

We also spoke to the film's director Whit Stillman about adapting Austen, expanding the film into a novel and a lot more.

Thanks to Curzon Home Cinema you can also watch a free Q&A on the film this weekend (27-30th May) with star Kate Beckinsale and director Whit Stillman by clicking here and using the offer code AUSTEN

Produced and edited by Jake Cunningham
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