CANADA NOW: The festival of best of new Canadian cinema

CANANDA NOW 2017 is the inaugural showcase of New Canadian Cinema in London, hosted at Curzon Soho. Given the recent international successes of Canadian directors, you might be thinking that there must be something special in that clean, cool drinking water over in Canada. CANADA NOW’s selection of impressive new Canadian films will reveals, you would not be wrong.

CANADA NOW will present seven outstanding new pieces of filmmaking alongside a couple of repertory classics and curios over one invigorating weekend, filled with live talent and filmmaker Q&As.

With bold new offerings from established directors such as Bruce McDonald, Ann Marie Fleming, Zacharias Kunuk, Anne Émond and Nettie Wild, as well as stunning debut features such as Kevan Funk’s HELLO DESTROYER and Andrew Cividino’s SLEEPING GIANT, this diverse programme will transport you from the placid waters of Lake Superior to the frost–bitten Arctic Circle, from the ravishingly beautiful Tahltan territory in northern British Columbia to downtown Montréal, by way of the blood-soaked rinks of minor–league ice–hockey and an unforgettable monochrome road trip across Nova Scotia featuring the ghost of Andy Warhol and a killer 1970s soundtrack.

CANADA NOW will also revisit David Cronenberg’s classic 1984 Stephen King adaptation THE DEAD ZONE, in which a deranged US president threatens to bring about nuclear apocalypse, and ENEMY – Denis Villeneuve’s often–overlooked, mind–boggling collaboration with Jake Gyllenhaal, which presents Toronto in a manner you’ve never seen before, a cult gem well worth discovering in the build–up to his upcoming feature BLADE RUNNER 2049.

CANADA NOW is presented by Telefilm Canada in partnership with the High Commission of Canada and with the support of the Quebec Government Office in London.