A Fantastic Woman + Interview with Sebastián Lelio | The Curzon Film Podcast

What a fantastic episode we have this week. We're delighted to have the Chilean director Sebastián Lelio on the podcast, talking to us about his stunning Oscar-nominated film, A Fantastic Woman. Daniela Vega stars as Marina, a transgender woman whose lover dies suddenly, leaving her to grieve alongside the hostile and embittered family of her departed partner. Her search for peace is beset with a world that looks upon her with suspicion and distrust, but ultimately A Fantastic Woman is the story of a defiant spirit who will not surrender her right to mourn and to exist as she wishes. 

Discussing the film are Irene Musumeci, Jake Cunningham, and Curzon Student member Diego Aparicio, who joins us from the UCL Film and TV Society.


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Produced and edited by Jake Cunningham
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