LET THE SUNSHINE IN | feat. Claire Denis | Curzon Film Podcast

We welcome one of the most iconic names in European cinema, Claire Denis, on to the podcast to talk about her latest film Let the Sunshine In. Plus, Little White Lies Contributing Editor Sophie Monks Kaufman joins the team in the studio to proclaim her love for this magical film.

Isabelle (Juliette Binoche) is a stylish and accomplished artist living in Paris. Divorced and looking to find true love at last, she meets a handsome, kind and intelligent younger man who she thinks might finally be the one. But when he calls their affair a mistake and returns to his wife, Isabelle must again face the issue of mid-life loneliness. Sifting through former lovers, new admirers, jealous friends and chance encounters, will she find a fulfilling match? Or will she discover a new path to happiness along the way?

Discussing the film are Sophie Monks Kaufman, Kelly Powell and Jake Cunningham

Produced and edited by Jake Cunningham

Music supplied by incompetech.com

Let the Sunshine In is playing now in cinemas and on demand

Ryan Hewitt