Podcast | Whit Stillman Q&A with Tom Bennett and Justin Edwards

On July 20th at Curzon Soho, as part of our ongoing, extremely irregular Enthusiasms strand, we celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the release of Whit Stillman's The Last Days of Disco with a repertory screening of the film on 35mm followed by a Q&A from Whit himself. While Whit was in town, the following day he joined us for a further Q&A, this time for his 2016 film Love & Friendship along with stars Tom Bennett (Sir James) and Justin Edwards (Charles Vernon). Seeing the two films together, released some 16 years apart, uncovered hidden links. 

Where The Last Days of Disco projects society comedy in the Jane Austen mould onto early-80s Manhattan, Love & Friendship is Whit's own film adaptation of the early Austen novella 'Lady Susan,' set in Georgian England. Kate Beckinsale and Chloë Sevigny give dry, perfectly timed comic performances in both films and the audience is encouraged to see reflections between the stars’ respective eighteenth and twentieth-century counterparts. Ahead of the events, Whit wrote a blog piece for us about his subsequent adaptations of both films into novels, which considerably reframe the protagonists. 

If you missed out on these very special events, take 30 minutes to listen to Whit’s wisdom in this week’s Curzon podcast, where he’s in conversation with actors Tom and Justin.

Later, catch up with Whit’s selections from the Curzon Home Cinema virtual video shelf - about which he remarked "The Curzon Home Cinema catalog is impressive - in fact, intimidatingly so - but one could also add that it is not, precisely, a barrel of laughs" - and maybe even watch or rewatch Love & Friendship on the streaming service too.