Curzon12: Reclaim The Frame

Curzon x Birds’ Eye View Present ‘Reclaim The Frame’ on Curzon12

Mia Bays, Director-at-large for Birds’ Eye View Film, takes us behind the scenes of their guest-curated collection for streaming service Curzon12. BEV spotlights and celebrates films created by women, and their Reclaim the Frame influencer project had recently seen them promote Agnès Varda’s charming doc Faces Places and Chloe Zhou’s The Rider. Discover more about their new online collection…

Georgian coming-of-age drama  In Bloom  (2014)

Georgian coming-of-age drama In Bloom (2014)

In the coming-of-age film, critical acclaim and diversity have gone hand in hand recently, with films like Lady Bird, Moonlight and Call Me By Your Name expanding the repertoire of rites of passage screen stories. As champions of the female perspective in cinema, we at Birds’ Eye View have curated a season for Curzon on demand that puts girls and young women in the centre of the frame. While the focus typically remains on the bittersweet transition from childhood to adulthood, many of these films inject the genre with a much welcomed richness and relevancy (and in the case of Varda’s Vagabond, tragedy) by exploring familiar themes from less familiar perspectives.

Varda’s  Vagabond  (1985)

Varda’s Vagabond (1985)

This list spotlights a number of stand-out films about female rites of passage that have made coming-of-age such a fruitful genre for representations of the female experience – one example is the Georgian film In Bloom which closed our last festival in 2014, and takes Jean-Luc Godard’s provocation ‘all you need for a movie is a girl and a gun’ and creates something vivid and original.

All these films are directed by women and include a film (Vagabond) by Agnès Varda, the celebrated Renaissance woman and godmother of the French New Wave. Varda’s extraordinary, idiosyncratic and extensive body of work (including new release Faces Places) has long been an inspiration for a generation of female filmmakers committed to breaking down gender boundaries and to harnessing the power of the female gaze as cinema’s ‘seeing-feeling’ lens.


‘Reclaim the Frame’ is a collection of female-focused films available to stream until 11 October on Curzon12, handpicked by our friends at Birds’ Eye View Films.


Cinema members can watch all the films in the collection for free as part of their membership, non members can rent them.

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