The Best Curzon Artificial Eye Films of the 21st Century

It’s not yet the time of year when film fans the world over publish their list of the year’s best films, but it is the time, as the 2010s draw to a close, for film fans to start publishing lists of the decade’s best films. In fact it has already begun. Indiewire was first out the gate, and we at Curzon were delighted to see so many of our films feature in these epic lists.

Then, just a week ago, The Guardian took things up a notch by publishing The 100 Best Films of the 21st Century. Spanning three months shy of two decades, the list celebrated the finest films released in the years since the turn of the Willennium. Curiously, Will Smith does not appear in any of the films in The Guardian’s top 100. (For Smith’s performance alone, Michael Mann’s Ali (2001) is surely worthy of an honourable mention.)

Moving swiftly on, we were again honoured to see no less than twenty-six Curzon Artificial Eye films in The Guardian’s list. This flattering result inspired us to conduct a little poll of our own… We asked our staff members to vote for their top Curzon Artificial Eye releases of the 21st century, to see how our favourites compare to those of the critics. The results are here below along with some of our proudest poster campaigns.

All of these films are available to watch now on Curzon Home Cinema. Click the image to jump to the film and start watching. If you don’t see you favourite in the list above, or in The Guardian’s top 100, let us know in the comments below.