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First-time filmmaker Léonor Serraille and the dazzling Laetitia Dosch burst onto the scene with Jeune Femme, a raucous and playful portrait of a woman in her early 30s in Paris, that arrives in cinemas and on demand this week. Following in the footsteps of Frances Ha and Fleabag, it’s a sometimes heartbreaking, often hilarious and always relatable nod to the chaos and candour of modern life.

Neurotic and manic, bold and magnetic, Paula (Dosch) is a muddle of contradictions. Fresh from an unceremonious dumping by her boyfriend of 10 years, she finds herself wandering the streets of Paris - jobless, homeless and single - with no idea of what life holds for her next. At 31 years old, with little to show for it but a kidnapped cat and a sense of adventure, she sets out to reinvent herself - new job, new friends, new life - and finds that these things never do come easily.

Discussing the film this week are Stephanie Watts, Kambole Campbell, Kelly Powell and Sam Howlett.

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