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McKellen: Playing the Part - feat. Sir Ian McKellen | podcast

This week we welcome perhaps the most prestigious guest we’ve ever had on the podcast. He’s Gandalf, he’s Magneto and he’s the subject of Joe Stephenson’s new documentary: it’s only Sir Ian McKellen!

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Mountains of the mind: an interview with Robert Macfarlane

Mountain is a dizzying and spectacular documentary - an epic odyssey through the Earth’s most awesome landscapes, showing the spellbinding force of high places - in which Willem Dafoe narrates a script by British writer Robert Macfarlane. Ahead of the film's release and a very special event to launch the brand new Curzon Oxford on 1 December, we spoke to Robert Macfarlane.

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WHITNEY | feat. director Nick Broomfield - Podcast #76

We speak to legendary documentary maker Nick Broomfield (Kurt and Courtney, Biggie and Tupac) about his intimate new portrait of Whitney Houston.

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