Following hot on the heels of his recent Jackie, Pablo Larraín’s latest film is a stylised biopic of the Chilean poet, diplomat and politician.

Beloved poet Pablo Neruda (Luis Gnecco) is also the most famous communist in post-WWII Chile. When the political tides shift, he is forced underground, with a perseverant police inspector (Gael García Bernal) hot on his trail. Meanwhile, in Europe, the legend of the poet hounded by the policeman grows, and artists led by Pablo Picasso clamor for Neruda's freedom.

We are screening Neruda on 35mm exclusively at Curzon Soho at 6.20pm on Wednesday 5 April, and Curzon Members have the chance to apply for free tickets!

All free tickets have now been issued - thank you for your applications!

Due to  popular demand we have added a Members Preview of Neruda at Curzon Soho at 11.00am Saturday 1 April. Tickets are £5 for members plus a guest!

"These tickets are going to go fast, step on it!"

"These tickets are going to go fast, step on it!"