Toronto - Day One (2017)

My flight didn't have movie screens; instead flyers are asked to access in-flight movies via their devices. My airline was so cheap they ask you to bring the screen with you. It's a bold business move that we won't be considering at Curzon. And the hardware wasn't the only economy: the selection was old. Browsing it reminded me of hiring a VHS from The Wine Box, the off-licence with a video rack that greatly informed the viewing habits of my Blackpool neighbourhood while growing up.

First look at the Toronto skyline on touchdown.

First look at the Toronto skyline on touchdown.

That said, they did have Lion, which The Wine Box never did (for historical reasons). So I finally watched it after shamefully missing out earlier this year. On my iPhone too, my first mobile feature. It made me cry at the end when - for a brief moment - I forgot I was a hard-nosed film professional. I had to keep pausing it to regain my usual poise in case anyone noticed. The stewardess that served me a drink must have thought I was very thirsty indeed: that people don’t usually get that emotional about barely warm filter coffee. Mrs S cries at pretty much every film I take her to (even sci-fi), so I recommended it to her to watch while I'm away - with the caveat that she lays down towels to protect our sofa.

So I've touched down in Toronto and tomorrow the movies begin - but can they live up to Lion on my iPhone?!

Jon Wood