Statement issued 26.01.2017

It has been brought to our attention that a large number of the general public have strong concerns about the upcoming presentation of Andrew Wakefield’s documentary, Vaxxed, at our venue, Curzon Soho.

To clarify the nature of this event: the screening is not part of the Curzon programme, rather it is a private hire hosted by the filmmakers themselves. Part of our business is to provide an entirely impartial, democratic event space in which anyone can hire our screens for events and film screenings. All private hires are unaffiliated with the Curzon brand or any of our venues and we consider such events to be an entirely separate concern from that of our public-facing activity. The presentation of Vaxxed is an example of this distinction being unclear and we now unwittingly find ourselves at the heart of the discussion around it, to a degree where we must take a stance on the material. 

In light of the responses we have received from members of the public, we have decided to cancel the private hire contract and pull the film from our venue. We do not wish to profit from a film that has demonstrably caused great distress among members of the public, our audience. We hope that this decision will alleviate the concerns felt by those who have contacted us.

Thank you for your understanding.

UPDATE 30.01.2017

We hope that those on both sides of this debate will understand that our decision is not based on a bias nor a desire to censor content. The film has never been part of our programme nor are we involved with its UK distribution. The intended impartiality of our private events business has been compromised, and so we have chosen remove ourselves from any association with this film.