Dear Curzon Members,

At the start of January we asked you for your opinions on Membership and you answered in your thousands. So, first of all, thank you for your time and support!

We've collated, sifted, discussed and concluded, and we hope that some of the changes we are making to Membership will make the programme even better.

Over 78% of respondents rated Membership as mostly or very satisfactory, with over 90% saying you would recommend it. We are so glad to see this but think there is room for improvement and most comments were to do with Membership and ticket prices.


We have good news - from 16 May 2016 Classic Membership will offer 4 free tickets, meaning that it is better value from the offset. The membership will see a small £5 price increase in the annual membership, but we think that the two additional tickets easily offset this little cost. (Basically you're quids in from the start, as the cost of a Classic Members is the same price or cheaper than buying 4 peak-time cinema tickets.) All other membership benefits remain the same, including 15% discount on food and drink and Curzon Home Cinema as well as discounted tickets for you and your guest. We think this makes our Membership one of the most beneficial schemes for cinemagoers.

Remember that if you are having trouble redeeming your perks you can always contact us at and we’ll do our very best to help you.


You said that you would like to receive a reminder when the time is right to renew your membership. We are working on automating this process - some of you ay have already received this email! We’re also very pleased to say that you can now renew online here. As a thank you for renewing you will be credited with a reward that can be used to redeem a pair of selected free drinks at our venues.


60% of you are interested in the Sunday morning preview screenings and we have now introduced these. The next one on sale is Mustang on 1 May, followed by Tale of Tales on 5 June. You can book tickets here. These films are brought into UK cinemas by our distribution arm Curzon Artificial Eye, the team behind award-winning films such as Wild Tales, Force Majeure, 45 Years and the upcoming Love & Friendship and Fire at Sea.


There were a few comments about not knowing how to use Curzon Home Cinema. For help with using our digital platform (including account setup and registration) please see the Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting pages. Curzon Home Cinema gives you the opportunity to watch the latest cinema releases and a curated selection of contemporary and classic films from the comfort of your own home. And your Membership entitles you to a discount!


We are also working on other areas that were mentioned in your feedback such as offering a "green" digital magazine option and we will let you know as we progress these.


Thank you for your loyalty, we do value our Members very much and we are working hard to bring you more previews, early booking periods and other perks so we hope you continue to enjoy your membership with us.