KeepCup x Curzon: Join the Reusable Coffee Cup Revolution

Plastic bottles and cups are an extremely rare sighting at Curzon Cinemas. That's because we've joined forces with Julie's Bicycle to review our environmental impact and embrace more sustainable practices and products across our company - both in the cinemas and in our offices.

As part of this large-scale initiative, called Curzon Green, we are aiming to cut down on plastic use in our venues' cafes. Late last year we switched our provider of single use takeaway coffee cups to vegware compostable cup, and now we're proud to launch our very own branded KeepCup.

The KeepCup 12oz will be available at all Curzon cinemas, and the 8oz flat white cup will be available exclusively at Curzon Soho. 

Your hot drink of choice is on us when you buy a Curzon KeepCup! And if you keep reusing it you'll get money off any hot drink you buy from our cafes (Members also get their 15% discount on top of that).

We believe that good films make your life better - and good environmental practices, however small, make the world better. We hope you will join us on this mission to promote re-usability and take action on climate change.


Why KeepCup?

Like many other companies, we're seriously questioning all our consumables and this product will hopefully reduce our reliance on takeaway coffee cups, 99% of which cannot be recycled (BBC) because although they may look like they are made of paper, they are actually lined with plastic to make them waterproof. Although the KeepCup is made of plastic (which one may think is not a great choice of material), there a few things to note:

  • KeepCups are entirely BPA and BPS-free. This means they don't contain plastic material which degrades, breaks up and can seep into water supply and the food chain
  • Half of all plastics used in the world are single-use, so huge improvements to our ethical habits can be achieved if everyone turns to reusable materials instead of single-use ones
  • KeepCups are made in the UK so their carbon footprint is much lower than other non-plastic reusable vessels shipped from China or other countries far away
  • There is enough plastic in 20 disposable cups and lids to make one Keepcup, so if you use a KeepCup for a year instead of disposables, you will have saved 3kg of plastic
  • Here are some reasons why some plastics are better than others

Read more about KeepCup on their website.