Podcast: Shoplifters + Assassination Nation

In this episode of the Curzon Film Podcast we look at one of the most universally acclaimed films of the year, Hirokazu Kore-eda's Shoplifters, and one of the most controversial, Sam Levinson's Assassination Nation.

Twenty years in to a directing career focused on quietly devastating family dramas, Kore-eda hits a high water mark with the Palme d’Or winning Shoplifters - the story of a ramshackle, puzzle piece family surviving through petty crime, who take an abandoned young girl in to their home. 

What if everyone’s online life were exposed? As it turns out: sheer, bloody anarchy, all led by four teenage feminists. The Purge jumps into a blender with Mean Girls in Assassination Nation a this story of youth gone wild in Salem, USA.

Discussing the films this week are Kelly Powell, Kambole Campbell, Steven Ryder and Jake Cunningham

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Shoplifters plays in our cinemas from Friday 22 November

Assassination Nation plays at Curzon Aldgate from Friday 22 November