12 Days of Christmas: A Curzon12 Gallery

We're celebrating the festive season with a new approach to the Curzon12 curated selection. Gabby Kere, one of the staff members at Curzon Soho has designed a series of images to accompany the films.

You may recall having before seen some of Kere’s work. Earlier this year we held an exhibition of her minimalist poster designs in the gallery space at Curzon Soho (and on this very blog). You may even have seen Kere’s work featured in the likes of Time Out and the Evening Standard. The collection of original artworks were great fun to decipher: some jumped right out of the page, others left us scratching our heads...

To celebrate the festive season, Curzon12 has turned to Kere’s immeasurable talents to create a new set of minimalist film posters, each one a visual riddle pointing to one of the films in December’s Curzon12 collection: 12 Days of Christmas. As before, the artworks will delight, mystify and (possibly) infuriate as you try to place them. You might instantly spot the image representing Ida and Frank, but it may require a process of elimination to arrive at The Wind Will Carry Us.

See if you can work them all out - click each image for the answers - and remember, Curzon12 films are all film free to watch for Curzon members. If you want to keep up with Gabby’s work, you can follow her on Instagram, or say “Hi'“ the next time you are in Curzon Soho.