Gallery: 21 Artworks Inspired by Beautiful Boy

In February last year, LIttle White Lies asked their artistically talented readers to illustrate Joaquin Phoenix as seen in Lynne Ramsay’s You Were Never Really Here. The Curzon Blog hosted a gallery of shortlisted entries, and an exhibition of the winner and runner up illustrations was held at Curzon Soho.

This year, it was time for a new challenge: Could you draw Timothée Chalamet or Steve Carell in Beautiful Boy?

 The Brief


Little White Lies set the brief...

For this brief, we’d like you to send us an original illustrated portrait of either Timothée Chalamet or Steve Carell as they appear in Beautiful Boy. Your entry can be as simple or as intricate as you like, but it must incorporate at least one of the following colours (see right) 

Now there’s no shortage of Timothée Chalamet fan art out there (by now we’re all familiar with the epic instagram account @chalametinart), but the challenge here wasn’t simply to create an adoring portrait of Chalamet or Carell, it was to capture the essence of their roles in Beautiful Boy.

Felix Van Groeningen’s film reworks into a single story, the autobiographies of David Sheff (‘Beautiful Boy: A Father's Journey Through His Son's Addiction’) and Nic Sheff (‘Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines’), the father and son played by Carell and Chalamet. It’s a story of enduring familial love in the face of drug addiction and the damage wrought.

The film isn’t released in UK cinemas until Friday 18 January, so what did the artists have for inspiration?

The Trailer

The Poster

Quad Main.jpg

Reviews and Quotes

“One of the most essential films that could exist right now”  Collider

“A heart-piercing ode to fatherhood” The Telegraph

“Timothée Chalamet and Steve Carell shine”  The Independent

“Tender and compelling”  Variety

“A triumph”  Little White Lies

“An emotional powerhouse … impossible to forget”  Rolling Stone

The Soundtrack

The Books


As was the case with the You Were Never Here competition before it, Little White Lies received many fantastic submissions. The shortlisted entries are seen below, followed by the runner-up and winning artworks, which are now on display in the Curzon Soho gallery space. Visitors to our Soho cinema are invited to view the full exhibition for free, anytime.

The Shortlist

The Runners-Up

The Winner

“I always knew David’s was the core story, that we would start and end with the father trying to understand his son,” says the director, Felix Van Greoningen. While the beautiful boy of the title is ever present in this story, at its heart Beautiful Boy is about a father whose love for his son is unconditional and everlasting. The winning entry had to tell that story. Dan Strange’s portrait of Steve Carell carries the weight of the ten years David Sheff spent fighting for his son. Cast in heavy shadow, those tired eyes and stoic expression say it all.

WINNER-Dan Strange.jpg

Felix Van Greoningen’s Beautiful Boy plays at select Curzon cinemas from Friday 18 January. 

The Little White Lies exhibition is on public display from Thursday 17 January for a minimum of two weeks.