Podcast: A Private War + The Kid Who Would Be King | feat. Christina Lamb & Joe Cornish

This week on the Curzon Film Podcast, we're joined by The Sunday Times' Chief Foreign Correspondent to talk about A Private War, and Joe Cornish drops by to tell us about his new children's fantasy epic, The Kid Who Would Be King.

We start with A Private War, a biopic following the life and work of Marie Colvin, an iconic foreign correspondent who reported from some of the most dangerous conflict zones in the world – from Sri Lanka to Syria and Iraq – risking her life to reveal the truth about unjust regimes and humanitarian crimes. A Private War avoids biopic cliches and instead asks troubling questions about the sacrifices made by Colvin and war reporters alike.

Christina Lamb is Chief Foreign Correspondent at The Sunday Times, where Marie Colvin spent much of her career. Lamb and Colvin were colleagues and friends, and so we visited Lamb at her London office to discuss the film, the reality of life as a foreign correspondent, and her memories of Colvin.

Later in the episode we discuss Joe Cornish’s The Kid Who Would Be King, a modern day re-imagining of the Sword in the Stone legend. Alex is just like any other twelve year old, until he retrieves the legendary Excalibur. Paired with the wizard Merlin (inexpertly hiding himself as a 16 year old boy), he must face his destiny, marshal his friends and defeat the enchantress Morgana, all before tea time.

Director Joe Cornish joins us to talk about all things fantastical, and his hopes for this highly original take on a well known classic tale.

Discussing the films this week are Kelly Powell, Sam Howlett, Jake Cunningham and Steven Ryder.

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Produced by Jake Cunningham

Edited by Mark Towers

Matthew Heineman’s A Private War plays on our screens from Friday 15 February.

War Photographer Paul Conroy - played by Jamie Dornan in the film - joins us for a post-screening Q&A, Monday 18 February 6.10pm at Curzon Mayfair.

Joe Cornish’s The Kid Who Would Be King plays on our screens from Friday 15 February